Monsters Of The Silver Age #4 Coming Soon

MOSA #4 frontispiece.
MOSA #4 frontispiece

I’m putting the finishing touches on issue 4, which should be submitted to comiXology in a few days. This project has been a learning experience, and this issue has been in the pipeline for a while. Previous issues were penciled and inked by hand, but issue 4 was scanned in the rough pencil stage and inked in Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos tablet. I had hoped that these tools would help speed the process, but the ease with which changes could be made lead me to a fastidiousness that took more time than the commitment of pen, brush, and ink allow.
In any case, I hope the results are worth it. I certainly feel better about this issue than the last one. My determination to finish by a self-imposed deadline resulted in a final product that falls short of previous issues, especially my first one. I hope that number four will be the best one yet.

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